Global Missionaries

As a church family, Oak Ridge Wesleyan Church supports at least 20 different outreach missions projects - both local and abroad! Several of our missionaries work in the global mission field and are supported and sent out through Global Partners, the missions department of the Wesleyan Church ( We value our relationship with each person/family we support as a church family. God is doing amazing things throughout our world through each of them, and we pray that God continues to do more to build His Kingdom here on earth!

Missions Conference
Each year, in the Spring, our church holds a Missions Conference. This is an opportunity for us to hear updates and prayer requests from our various missions partners who are serving in the field. It is also a time to extend God's calling to our church and community. All of us are called to pray for our missionary brothers and sisters. Most of us are called to give financially of our resources to support missions. Some are called to physically go and serve, either as part of a short-term effort, or a long-term commitment. This conference is our primary method for raising the funds that we use to support our various missions partners and initiatives. We hope that you'll be a part of the next one. It will challenge and inspire you with all that God is doing around the world and the staggering impact that is possible when even a small number of Christians gather together.

How can you pray for our Missionaries - both local and abroad? How can you pray for our upcoming Missions Conference?
Here's some ideas to help guide you:
  1. Spend time thanking God for the Missionaries and their call/ obedience to His leading in their lives.
  2. Pray for the everyday life and its ups and downs it presents.
  3. Pray that barriers may be minimized so that the Gospel may go forward. Pray that the Lord will keep his servants there faithful to His Word and safe from the attacks of the enemy.
  4. Pray for wisdom in the use of their time. Pray that they might receive rest for their bodies and minds so that they might be alert and effective in their work.
  5. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead our missionaries to hearts that have been softened to receive and accept the Gospel message.
  6. Pray for the missionary’s children, for family peace and unity.
  7. Pray that God will call more people into his service and they will dedicate themselves in obedience to Him...maybe even you! God needs faithful and obedient disciple makers all over the world...starting right in your very own neighborhood!
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